Analysis Paralysis (2009)

by Baxter United

This is a collection of songs recorded in 2005. It took an ungodly amount of time to get these songs together. (Hence the name.) We recorded them in warehouses and living rooms and dining rooms and bedrooms all throughout Orange County, CA, working like mad scientists, figuring out how to record on our own. The incredibly talented James Haley provided all the drummings and  Shane Gibbons supplied his crazy-rad basses. Nico Marks ( provided all the moral support and the aforementioned dining room and warehouse. (Which now is an HQ for a well-known guitar pickup manufacturer has set up shop. Go figure.) The album cover was shot on the same trip to Ohio that the Hollow Wooden Boxes album cover was shot. (Same Polaroid camera too.)

You can purchase this album at CD Baby and Apple Music.