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Before and After Takeoff (2019)

by Matt Baxter [United]

They say give credit where credit is due. To me, that place is right on the cover. Digital world be damned! I decided to put the liner notes smack dab on the album cover art because this EP wouldn’t have happened without the people who put in their time and effort to make it happen. This is was the “[United]” in my name is all about. On this EP the [United] are: Bryan “Pumba” Wartelle, drums, percussion and Cajun attitude. Dave Hidalgo Jr., for making a special trip to Yorba Linda to grab some congas to play on “Back”. Jay Stolo, recording production and creativity wizard extraordinaire of Straitjacket Studios in Fullerton, CA. Brad Simonds of Bradford Design Co. for finding a way to design with so much text. Special thanks and love always to my family, Sara, Wyatt and Emmett. And to my bruv, Nico Marks for generally being a badass and getting the ball rolling with getting some beats in the mix and helping me imagine the songs bigger. Thank you all, from the bottom of my ❤️. Listen by clicking on the songs below. Buy the EP at Apple Music, Spotify or CDBaby