Cow Cover Small.jpg

Cow (2003)

by Matt Baxter

This is a collection of songs I recorded with an old digital 8 track in an apartment in Huntington Beach in 2003-ish. This was my first attempt to make music on my own after my long-time band, The Watertrade, finally went our separate ways. I was listening to a lot of Stevie Wonder, The Police and the Beatles' Rubber Soul album. I always have this fear that whatever I record will never be better than demo quality. It may be a truth, but I always have a belief that if a song is good enough, it doesn't matter how its captured, you will enjoy it for what it is. I listen to these songs and I can picture exactly where I was sitting in what room and at what point in the day. I also wrote most of these songs in the crappy apartment and I can remember those locations too. It's crazy to me, 12 years later.