Hollow Wooden Boxes and Various Waltzes.png

Hollow Wooden Boxes and Various Waltzes (2011)

by Matt Baxter [United]

Recorded in the Summer of 2010 at Sound Asylum Studios in Santa Ana, CA. This album is a collection of songs about being patient, being in love, no longer being in love, being tired and just being. Drums on songs 1,2,& 4 were played by talented and friendly Brendan Murphy. Recorded and Engineered by the amazing Mike Troolines at sound-asylum.com. We made a mallet for the kick drum on The Things that You Love out of a drumstick and papertowels. Mike cut up a plastic Jack-in-the-Box cup to cover a really expensive microphone to get a cool sound for the slide guitar on Stakes His ClaimIts amazing that even when you have a really nice studio to record in, you stick to the ghetto contraptions to make things work. Also, Mike is playing the shaker on Stakes His Claim. 


You can purchase this album at CD Baby and Apple Music.