Swell Cover.jpg

Swell (2005)

by Baxter

This album was a collection of songs recorded in 2005 back when we were called Baxter. James Haley not only played the drums on all the songs, but he did all engineering and recording. We used his his parent's house in Huntington Beach as our studio. (Lovingly referred to as Rhuemin HB studios.) It was all his recording equipment and a super, state-of-the-art Mac PowerPC G5. We shoved the amps in the closet and recorded all the cymbals after recording the drum tracks with frisbees to keep the cymbals from bleeding over the rest of the tracks. His parents, Jim and Jan, are amazingly supportive parents and I will always be grateful to them for letting us bring the noise once a week to get this done. Of course, they did let James play the drums... they knew what they were getting into. Shane Gibbons played the crap out of the bass and sat patiently on the floor drinking a BIg Gulp of Dr. Pepper as I messed up guitar takes over and over. The title of the album comes from the name of the ghost track at the end of You Are. Artwork by Jeremy Westphall.


This album is available to purchase at CD Baby and Apple Music.