TMYKTLYN Cover Large.png

The More You Know, The Less You Need (2016)

by Matt Baxter [United]

This collection of songs was recorded, mixed and mastered within two sessions in Fullerton, California. All imperfections in performance were left intact so as not to mislead the esteemed listener should they ever see me perform live. My humble gratitude to Jay Stolo from Straitjacket Studios for his time and talent. My love always to my wife, Sara and our two boys, Wyatt and Emmett, who all offer me endless support in my musical endeavors, except when Wyatt always stops me from playing my "geetar" when the TV is on. The album title is pulled from a quote by Yvon Chouinard, climber, surfer, angler and general badass. The cover picture is a photo I took while hiking the Vernal Trail on the Santa Rosa Plateau, outside of Murrietta, CA, when on a mission with Sara and Wyatt to find Chocolate Lilies in bloom. We were successful.


You can purchase the album at CD Baby and Apple Music.